Compare Aeroponic Growing to all other types of growing.

Learn the differences in different types of growing.

(Mist Grown)
(Water Grown)
(Soil Grown)



Pesticides No No Yes
Herbicides No No Yes
Year Round Growing Yes Yes No
Indoor Yes Yes No
Yield per Sq. Ft. High Medium Low
Cost Affordable Affordable Cheap
Modular Yes Few No
Stackable Yes Few No
Clean Yes Few No
Ease of Use Very Easy Moderate Back Breaking
Water Use Very Little Moderate Excessive
Plant Yield Biggest Big Moderate
Plant Growth Biggest Big Moderate
Environmental Impact Lowest Low High
Control Highest Moderate Very Low
Flexibility Highest Moderate Very Low
Weeding No Weeding No Weeding Weeds

How Easy Is the Living Pantry?

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b Watch them Grow

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Harvest and Feast

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