Living Pantry Aeroponic Instructions

Learning to use your Living Pantry Aeroponic System is SO easy! We have included detailed instructions in your aeroponic unit and online.

Your Living Pantry Aeroponic System is a place where your plants are grown in an environment where the roots of the plants are suspended in air. At timed intervals micro misters deliver water and nutrients to the cells of the plant roots. This method provides the roots a chance to receive water, nutrients, and oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a closed loop system.

It is important that your water and nutrient mixture is around 6 PH ( power of hydrogen ), this is essential for proper growth. The nutrients which are shown by PPM's ( parts per million ) or TDS's ( total dissolved solids ) should start at around 100 to 250 PPM's for germinating seeds and as the plants mature you increase the nutrients as needed. The only difference between PPM's and TDS's is a decimal point. This would mean 10 PPM's would be 100 TDS's. These measurements are important because the plants will grow best based on the amount of nutrients dissolved in the water. Smaller amounts of nutrients for young plants, so you don't burn the roots, and more nutrients as the plants mature and the roots become stronger.

Your system comes with both a PH meter and a PPM meter. These meters are also available at most garden stores or online at


Seeds to early sprouts........................100 to 250 PPM's
Early vegging or cuttings.....................300 to 400 PPM's
Full vegging..................................500 to 700 PPM's
Early bloom...................................750 to 950 PPM's
Full mature bloom...........................1000 to 1600 PPM's

The Living Pantry Aeroponic System works best if you start with zero water because you want to start with the least amount or PPM's as possible. This is why we include a 6 cup Zero Water pitcher with each unit.

First check the PH and adjust as needed to approximately 5.8 to 6.2 PH. Now check the PPM's so you know where the PPM's are when you start. ie. (If the PPM's are at 30 and you want the nutrients to be 100 you would make the PPM's 130.) Always make sure all nutrients are completely dissolved and never put hot water into the system.

For your nutrients we recommend using Ocean Solutions ( ) which is already a liquid and is diluted as specified by Ocean Solutions. Water quality when using the system is in this order, Zero Water, distilled water, reverse osmosis, bottled water, then filtered rain water. DO NOT USE city water, pond water or softened water because of chlorine or other contaminates.

Place your Living Pantry Aeroponic growing tower in direct or indirect light, but make sure it is protected from the weather. You can place your unit on a “ Lazy Susan “ or a small furniture dolly to make it easier to turn or to move so you can get the best light on all of the plants.


Place the floor stand of the unit on top of your “ Lazy Susan “, small furniture dolly or on the floor. Place the base of the unit on the floor stand. Attach 1” tubing to 1” nipple on the bottom of the grow-ring. Place bottom of the grow-ring on top of base. Get the pump and attach 1/4” suction side tubing with the suction side filter to the suction side of pump. See arrows on pump to determine the direction of water flow. Now feed open end of the 1/4” pressure side tubing with the fogger down the 1” hole in the bottom of the base grow-ring through the 1” tubing to the inside of base and attach to the pressure side of the pump. Now place pump inside of the base with wire end of pump facing away from the opening in front of base. Feed power wire out the back through hole in the rear of base. Put reservoir into base and place the 1” tubing coming from bottom of bottom grow-ring into reservoir. Place suction side filter into the reservoir. Lift the fogger and pressure side tubing and put out through the top of the top grow-ring and place the top grow-ring on to the bottom grow-ring. Put the tie wrap in through hole in cap and loop through the “ fogger loop “ and then back out through the hole in cap and tighten tie wrap. Place cap on top of the top grow-ring. This is very IMPORTANT......... do not let tubing “ kink “ at the tie wrap or any where as this will impede water flow. Now look through the holes ( plant sites ) in top of grow-ring and position fogger just below the top row of holes ( plant sites ) in top of grow-ring.

There you go, ready to start. Take the reserve tank and fill with Zero Water and adjust the PH to approximately 5.8 to 6.2 PH. Adjust the PPM's as needed for seeds, cuttings, or starter plants, see table above. If using starter plants, rinse the dirt off the roots as much as possible with out damaging the roots. Now with the reserve all set turn upside down into the reservoir. The reservoir will fill to the optimum level automatically and now you are ready to plant.


Planting is very simple, just place seed or seeds on top of the “ Seed Sofa “ and place the “ Seed Sofa “ in a hole ( plant site ) on top of the grow-ring . Now keep the “ Seed Sofa “ in the DARK until the seeds start to sprout. After you have germinated your seeds you can return them to the light for 12 hours a day plus or minus as determined by whatever you are growing.


Keep seeds moist by setting timer at 45 seconds on ( one tab down ) then off for 12 minutes. This would be dividing the time clock face into thirds. Now as the seeds start to sprout the 'on' time stays the same but the 'off' time would decrease to 9 minuets 'off', which would divided the time clock face into fourths. This setting should be good for the duration of the growing cycle. Keep in mind to always keep timers dry and away from weather and moisture.

Enjoy your Living Pantry Aeroponic Growing Tower. Eat well! Your World.... Your Well Being!

How Easy Is the Living Pantry?

a Plant your seeds

Add just about any type of seeds or cuttings

b Watch them Grow

Watch your Vegetables Grow. Your Living Pantry does ALL of the work.


Harvest and Feast

Harvest your plants and Eat exactly what you have grown

Our Living Pantry™ systems are perfect for commercial and residential gardens.