What is a Seed Sofa? Does it make the seeds Lazy?

What is a Seed Sofa? Does it make the seeds Lazy? We get asked that every now and then! A Seed Sofa is the best place for your seed to germinate and grow in an Aeroponic system. It allows the seed unfettered acces to the nutrients and minerals it needs to grow into huge plants with amazing yields.

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or aggregate or any other medium.

The benefits of growing without a medium leaves the roots all the space they want. The whole plant is exposed to the air which makes it possible for it to take in as much oxygen and co2 as it wants. With the roots exposed to a water and nutrient mist they can take in everything they want, thru water and nutrient hydro-atomization.

True aeroponics allows the plant to grow freely with as little interference as possible.

We have tried many ways to support the plant in the aeroponic chamber. We tried plugs which worked well for seeds but at times held too much moisture and damaged the seeds and sprouts. We tried smaller plugs to try to limit the moisture which worked well for seeds and sprouts but still held too much moisture for the base of the plant. Then we tried to start sprouts and starter plants and place them into slits in a piece of tape. Although this worked well it was a lot of time consuming work moving the sprouts or starter plants into the aeroponic chamber.

We wanted to be able to start the plant seed right where it would grow thru until it is harvested. We tried to alleviate soggy plugs by limiting watering cycles and length of cycle but found when plugs were good the roots suffered and when the roots were good the plug was to moist, so we came up with the Seed Sofa.

The Seed Sofa supports the seed in a fine mesh which gets misted frequently and as the plant grows the roots push apart the mesh which allows the roots to move down into the aeroponic chamber. The crown root and leafy part of the plant are held above the mesh where they expand and grow. This allows the roots to be misted as often as desired without the plug becoming saturated, holding too much moisture and causing the crown root and the top of the root system to become water logged and rot.

Although we want to limit the moving of small plants because of the labor involved and stress on the plants but sometimes it has to be done and with the Seed Sofa it's easy.

Finally one more advantage to the Seed Sofa is that after harvesting there is much less clean up and replanting is a breeze.

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